Самые мощные ледоколы Росмопорта направлены в восточную часть Финского залива

16 Icebreakers Operating in Russian Gulf of Finland

  • 16 icebreakers operated by Rosmorport are deployed in the sea ports of St. Petersburg, VByborg, Vyssotsk, Primorsk and Ust-Luga in the Russian Northwest.

    According to the RF Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot), the most powerful icebreakers, the 25 MWt “Viktor Chernomyrdin” and the 18 MWt “Kapitan Soorokin” are operating in the eastern Gulf of Finland assisting vessels between the entrance buoy and the ice edge.

    The 17.4 MWt 21900M Design “Vladivostok” icebreaker is deployed in Primorsk escorting large-tonnage tankers to and from the port.

    Another 21900M Design icebreaker, “Murmansk”, together with the icebreakers “Semen Dezhnev”, “Ivan Kruzenshtern” and “Mudyug” is assisting vessels to and from the Big Port of St. Petersburg and the Passenger Port of St. Petersburg.

    The icebreaker “Kapitan Izmailov” is deployed in the ports of Vyborg and Vyssotsk, while the icebreakers “Kapitan Nikolaev” and “Kapitan Plakhin” are operating in Ut-Luga.

    Since the start of the icebreaking season on December 6, 2021, the icebreakers have escorted more than 2,100 vessels to and from the Russian ports in the Gulf of Finland. At present, the ice in the eastern Gulf of Finland is 35 cm thick.

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