ТЛЦ «Восток – Запад» в Черняховске принял первый контейнерный поезд с импортными грузами

First Block Train in New Logistics Center in Kaliningrad Region

  • The new Vostok – Zapad (East – West) transport and logistics center recently inaugurated in Kaliningrad region has handled its first block train delivering goods from China for local consumers. 

    Previously, consumer goods, equipment and electronic devices were delivered to the region by transit trains from China to Europe.

    The first direct train delivering 100 TEU from Zhengzhou in Henan Province was routed through Mongolia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania to the rail station of Chernyakhovsk and unloaded at the Vostok – Zapad terminal.

    The train was organized by RTSB-RUS in cooperation with Novik Gurop and Maersk. In future, the service may become regular, with a back load of local manufacturers’ products for the return trip.

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