НУТЭП и КСК перешли на «зелёную» энергию

DeloPorts Starts Using Wind Power

  • Since January 2022 DeloPorts, the stevedoring asset of Russia’s Delo Group, has started using electricity generated at wind farms at its KSK and NUTEP terminals in Novorossiysk in the framework of its Green Port project.

    In April 2021 Delo Management Company, the parent company of the Group, signed an agreement on the subject with Atomenergoprom, which consolidates the civil assets of Rosatom, Russia’s state owned nuclear power corporation.

    The immediate provider of the green electricity is Atomenergopromsbyt (part of NovaWind – the wind energy division of Rosatom State Corporation).

    KSK and NUTEP are the first large port infrastructure facilities in Russia to announce a transition to renewable energy.

    The annual throughput of NUTEP Container Terminal is 700 thousand TEU, and that of KSK Grain Terminal is up to 7 mn tons.

    According to NovaWind, the potential annual reduction of CO2 emissions due to the transition to wind power at NUTEP and KSK can reach 6.8 thousand tons and 5.7 of CO2 respectively compared to traditional sources of electric energy produced from natural gas.

    “On January 1, 2022, our terminals switched to using electricity generated from wind. The continued development of the “Green Port” project is especially important considering our further plans for modernization of our terminals – their efficiency will increase and the burden on the environment will decrease”, Igor Yakovenko, CEO of DeloPorts, commented.

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