Нефтеэкспорт России, 10 месяцев 2021: в октябре поставки СПГ из России в долларах выросли в 14 раз

Russian Crude Oil Export in January-October 2021

  • According to the RF Federal Customs Service, Russia’s crude oil export in January-October 2021 was down 4.3% year-on-year to 191.2 mn tons. In terms of value, crude oil export increased by 47.1% year-on-year making $88.8 bn.

    Oil products export grew by 2.4% up to 119.4 mn tons. In terms of value it was up 47.8% to $55.6 bn.

    Diesel fuel export made 40.9 mn tons in terms of tonnage (-8.4% year-on-year) and $20.8 bn in terms of value (+24.8%).

    Petrol export in January-October 2021 decreased by 26.1% year-on-year down to 3.8 mn tons worth $2.1 bn, up 8.3%.

    In October, Russia exported 19.8 mn tons of crude oil, up 8.9% year-on-year and up 1.8% month-on-month. In terms of value, crude oil export surged 2.1-fold year-on-year and grew by 8.8% month-on-month to make $10.9 bn.

    Oil products export in October decreased by 0.8% year-on-year and by 30.2% month-on-month to make 9.5 mn tons worth $5.3 bn (up 84.9% year-on-year and down 24.9% month-on-month).

    Diesel fuel export made 3.5 mn tons (down 7.9% year-on-year and down 20.2% month-on-month) worth $2.1 bn (up 78% year-on-year and down 14.6% month-on-month).

    Car petrol export in October declined by 19.4% year-on-year and increased by 35.4% month-on-month making 258.7 thousand tons worth $192.5 mn, up 67.5% year-on-year and up 47.5% month-on-month.

    Natural gas export in January-October 2021 amounted to 171.5 bn cbm, up 7.9% year-on-year. In terms of value, it surged 2.1-fold up to $39.6 bn.

    Liquefied natural gas export during January-October 2021 increased by 4.4% year-on-year up to 59.6 mn cbm, its value was up 4.1% to more than $6.2 bn.

    In October, natural gas export made 13.9 bn cbm, down 22.3% year-on-year and down 9.2% month-on-month. Value-wise, it was worth $6.2 bn, up 2.4-fold year-on-year and up 30.8% month-on-month.

    LNG export in October amounted to 6.3 mn cbm surged by 3.2-fold year-on-year and grew by 50% month-on-month. In terms of value, LNG export was up 13.9-fold year-on-year and increased by 86.4% month-on-month making $939.5 mn.

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