QUBE expands geography for container users and suppliers

QUBE expands geography for container users and suppliers

  • Increasing level of containerization has become one of the key trends in logistics in 2021. Experts are not forecasting a decline in demand for containers in the coming year. On the other hand, the situation with global disruptions in container transport is not changing either. Market players were hoping for an improvement by the second half of 2021, which did not happen. Container shortage continues to pressure the market. Not only has it become more difficult to book available containers, but waiting time has also increased. Cargo owners book available containers for excessive tariffs.

    The global crisis of container shortage is evidently not about to stabilize in the near future. So where do you find available containers? QUBE Company, developer of a specialized online platform for provision of containers, has a ready-made solution.

    This year QUBE has increased its container fleet. In total, the company has more than 8,000 containers worldwide.

    QUBE supplies containers for numerous routes and transport corridors and constantly expands geography of its activity. At present you can rent containers in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Belgium, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, India, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan, Kuwait and other countries.

    At the same time, QUBE works with partner stocks and is capable of using other suppliers’ containers in these locations and delivering them either empty or packed with goods to locations requested by clients. The company is eager to get new experience and therefore takes into account all offers and proposals from their partners.

    QUBE online platform, which displays current stock of container equipment in needed locations at any time, will help you to find containers wherever you need. Using the platform, you can find precise locations of containers available for one-way rent, lease or purchase, and send a request for containers from anywhere.

    Furthermore, on the platform, container suppliers and users have an opportunity to provide their containers from any location to any destination, thereby expanding the geography of their business activity. The only thing you need to do is to sign up and create a personal account.

    If needed, QUBE can also track and extend period of temporary importation of containers.

    QUBE has agents worldwide that can help solve your issues and successfully meet the main challenge of logistics companies – deliver your cargoes in time.

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    Join QUBE platform. https://qube.company/

    Do not hesitate to send your inquiries to info@qube.company.

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