Грузы РЖД, 11 месяцев 2021: погрузка зерна продолжает сокращаться

Russian Railways’ Cargo Traffic Up 3.3% YoY in January-November 2021

  • During January-November 2021, Russian Railways loaded 1,174.4 mn tons of cargo, up 3.3% year-on-year. Most of the commodities demonstrated positive growth.

    Coal loading increased by 6.2% up to 340.7 mn tons. Oil and products, Russian Railways’ second most important cargo in terms of volume, was up 3.9% to 197.7 mn tons. Ferrous and manganese ore increased by 0.5% up to 110.3 mn tons.

    Chemical and mineral fertilizers were up 3.4% to 59.2 mn tons, ferrous metals up 3.9% to 62.8 mn tons, timber and logs up 3.9% up to 38.7 mn tons, cement up 5.4% to 24.9 mn tons, ferrous metal scrap up 15.5% to 15 mn tons.

    Industrial and forming materials loading grew by 3.8% up to 32.5 mn tons, and coke by 6.8% up to 10.9 mn tons.

    Construction cargo loading was down 4.3% to 117.6 mn tons, soda and chemicals down 0.5% to 22.2 mn tons, non-ferrous ore and raw suphfur down 1.5% to 18.2 mn tons, and grain down 8.5% to 22.6 mn tons.

    Rail cargo throughput during January-November 2021 made 2,416.4 bn tons per km, up 4.2% year-on-year.

    In November, Russian Railways loaded 108 mn tons of cargo, up 3.1% year-on-year.

    Cargo throughput in November amounted to 225.6 bn tons per km, up 3.2% year-on-year.

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