Фрахтовый рынок Азовского и Каспийского моря. Неделя 32, 2021

Azov and Caspian Freight Market, Week 32, 2021

  • On week 32, freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region remain approximately on the same level as last week. Thus, rates for 3K parcels of wheat from Azov to Marmara made $39 pmt, Sea Lines shipbrokers report.

    The market remains quite unpredictable. Sometimes the rates of charterers are very different, and shipowners are guided by higher rates, which makes it difficult for charterers to conclude sale contracts. High rates on the part of shipowners are due to the lack of spot tonnage, as well as to extremely attractive rates in the Black Sea.

    At the same time, in the conditions of a failed harvest in many regions of Russia, producers and farmers raise prices for grains considerably, as a result of which most shippers are unable to conclude sale contracts, Sea Lines report. 

    As for the main cargoes, charterers most often calculate shipments of wheat and barley. Regarding the main directions of shipments, this week a large geographical diversification of requests is to be observed.

    In addition to Turkey, shipments to Italy, Albania and Greece are being actively calculated, and charterers begin also to consider shipments to Cyprus and Egypt. 

    As for the Russian river, charterers do not expect the market to revive until the beginning of September.

    On week 32, freight rates for 3,000-5,000 dwt bulkers from the port of Azov went up.

    According to Sea Lines, freight rates for wheat parcels from Azov made $37 to the Black Sea, $38 to Marmara, $55 to Mersin and $57 to Egypt.

    Freight rates from Rostov AB (after bridge) are $1 above, from Rostov BB (before bridge) the same, from Yeisk and Taganrog $1 below, and from Temryuk $3 below those from the port of Azov.

    In the Caspian, freight rates also increased.

    On week 32, freight rates for shipping corn by 3,000 dwt bulkers to Iran made $25 from Aktau, $29 from Makhachkala, and $31 from Astrakhan.

    Please note that the rates cited in this article are average market rates. We ask our readers to pay attention that this information is not a commercial offer and cannot be an example for comparison in commercial disputes and arbitration.

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