Фрахтовый рынок Балтики и Северо-Западной Европы, неделя 15, 2021

Foreign Trade via Baltic Customs Up 26%

  • Foreign trade turnover via the Baltic Customs made $13.9 bn in January-April 2021, up 26.1% year-on-year.

    During the first four months of the year, the number of cargo declarations issued made 117.2 thousand (+5.1%) including 10.2.9 thousand of import declarations (+3.5%) and 7.2 thousand of export declarations (+2.8%).

    In terms of tonnage, over 10.6 mn tons of cargo was declared via the Baltic Customs, up 24.8% year-on-year. Import traffic was up 0.2% to 3.5 thousand tons, while export grew by 42.1% up to 7.1 mn tons.

    A significant share in the import volume was fruit accounting for 23%. Other top import commodities were polymer materials, inorganic chemical products, equipment, and ferrous metals.

    The top export commodities were ore, stag and ash (35.9%), fertilizers, timber and woodwork, sal,t sulphur, soil and stones, and ferrous metals.

    The major countries of origin for import cargo in the Baltic Customs region in January-April 2021 were China, Ecuador, Germany, India, and Brazil.

    The top countries of destination for export via the Baltic Customs were China (its share made 39.6%), Brazil and the USA.

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