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“Admiral Nevelskoy” Ro-Pax Arrives at Sakhalin

  • The newly built “Admiral Nevelskoy” ro-pax vessel has arrived at the island of Sakhalin, Governor Valery Limarenko shared in his social media account.

    It took the vessel two months to make a voyage of over 10 thousand miles via the Suez across six seas and the Indian Ocean to come to the port of Korsakov. The “Admiral Nevelskoy” passed the Suez Channel before the grounding of the “Ever Given”, the Governor noted.

    In June, the vessel will be put into service to transport passengers and cargo between Korsakov and the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan, and Iturup.

    The vessel’s sistership “Pavel Leonov” has successfully completed sea trials and is to join the “Admiral Nevelskoy” in the near future.

    Both the vessels have been built at the Nevsky Shipyard in Leningrad Oblast near St. Petersburg. They have a passenger capacity of 146 people and can take on board 896 cmb of cargo into their holds plus 24 containers and 6 cars.

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