Первый в России автономный вагон-рефрижератор

Uralvagonzavod Presents Russia’s First Autonomous Reefer Railcar

  • Russia’s railway rolling stock manufacturer Uralvagonzavod has presented the country’s first autonomous reefer railcar. While the existing reefer railcars require a group refrigerating system that is available only as part of a specialized reefer train, the new unit has an autonomous period of up to 30 days.

    The freight compartment of the new reefer railcar is over 19 meters long, the temperature range maintained in it in a n automatic mode is between minus 20 and plus 15 degrees Centigrade.

    The railcar is mounted on the innovative 18-194-1 car truck, the body is covered with special heat insulating material and the floor with waterproofing material.

    The railcar is equipped with state of the art electronic monitoring GPRS-based system allowing shippers to get information about cargo movement, temperature and humidity.

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