Товарооборот в регионе деятельности Балтийской таможни

Foreign Trade via Baltic Customs Up in January-February 2021

  • Foreign trade turnover via the Baltic Customs made $5.71 bn in January-February 2021, up 12% year-on-year.

    During the first two months of the year, the number of cargo declarations issued made 51.5 thousand (-3.5%) including 45.3 thousand of import declarations (-5%) and 6.2 thousand of export declarations (+9.5%).

    In terms of tonnage, over 5.1 mn tons of cargo was declared via the Baltic Customs, up 34.1% year-on-year. Import traffic was down 3.8% to 1.5 thousand tons, while export grew by 60.6% up to 3.6 mn tons.

    A significant share in the import volume was fruit accounting for 23.3%. Other top import commodities were polymer materials, ferrous metals, equipment, and fish and seafood.

    The top export commodities were ore, stag and ash (39%), fertilizers, ferrous metals, salt, sulphur, soil and stones, and timber and woodwork.

    The major countries of origin for import cargo in the Baltic Customs region in January 2021 were China, Ecuador, Germany, India, and Republic of Korea.

    The top countries of destination for export via the Baltic Customs were China (its share made 42.8%), Turkey and Brazil.

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