Первые контейнерные поезда из Китая в Финляндию и Данию

First Block Trains from China to Finland and Denmark via Kaliningrad

  • DB Cargo in cooperation with Mann Lines Multimodal have launched the first block train from Xian in China to Helsinki in Finland via Kaliningrad Commercial Sea Port in the framework of the Belt and Road initiative.

    The first train carrying forty-two 40’ units laden with consumer goods, solar panels, equipment, instruments, medical masks and componentry arrived to Kaliningrad Oblast on March 8. The containers were loaded on board the m/v “Dornbusch” deployed by Mann Lines Multimodal that left for Helsinki on March 10.

    The overall transit time from Xian to Helsinki makes 16 days.

    Meanwhile, another block train from Xian with cargo designated for Frederecia in Denmark is expected to arrive to Kaliningrad on March 12-13. The train carries 36 40’ containers laden with clothes, furniture fittings, medical masks and consumables, tires, industrial equipment and home appliances.

    Earlier, DB Cargo and Mann Lines Multimodal organized block trains from China to Rostock in Germany and Oslo in Norway via Kaliningrad.

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