Железнодорожные контейнеры, январь 2021 года: перевозки черных металлов значительно увеличились

Rail Container Transit Up 1.6% in January in Russia

  • Russian Railways have reported a 13.4% year-on-year increase in rail container traffic in January. All in all, 495 thousand TEU was carried during the period under report.

    Domestic container traffic grew by 7.6% up to 185.4 thousand TEU, export was up 5.3% to 126.6 thousand TEU, import up 10.8% to 104 thousand TEU, and transit up 1.6-fold to more than 79 thousand TEU.

    Laden container traffic made 340.2 thousand TEU, up 19.4% year-on-year.

    Commodity-wise, containerized grain grew the most, up 3.6-fold to 2.6 thousand TEU, machinery, equipment and engines (up 1.5-fold to 27.5 thousand TEU), ferrous metals (up 1.5-fold to 20.6 thousand TEU), and fruit, vegetables and potatoes (up 1.7-fold to 0.8 thosuand TEU).

    Containerized chemicals and soda grew by 13.9% to 63.6 thousand TEU, paper by 5% up to 33 thousand TEU. Consumer goods transportation increased by 31.4% up to 37.4 thousand TEU, hardware by 33.4% to 30.2 thousand TEU, vehicles and parts by 11.8% to 21.6 thousand TEU, non-ferrous metals by 21% to 12.7 thousand TEU.

    Construction cargoes were up 20% to 7.6 thousand TEU, non-ferrous ore and raw sulphur up 20% to 2.7 thousand TEU, other and LCL cargo up 24.9% to 11 thousand TEU.

    Meal and flour transportation increased by 6% to 0.8 thousand tons, other food products by 23.4% to 10.7 thousand tons.

    Containerized timber and woodwork were down 0.5% to 37.7 thousand TEU, oil products down 22% to 5.3 thousand TEU, chemical and mineral fertilizers down 0.4% to 3.2 thousand tons, metal structures down 3.3% 1 thousand TEU, and fish down 1.3 thousand TEU.

    Month-on-month, most of the commodities demonstrated a downward trend in January, the only categories that grew were paper and ferrous metals.

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