Жд экспорт через порты, 9 месяцев 2020: погрузка угля в адрес портов Дальнего Востока и Юга увеличилась

Rail Export via Russian NW Ports Down in September

  • According to Russian Railways, the loading of cargo designated for export via Russian sea ports made 241.5 mn tons during January-September 2020 increasing 3.1% year-on-year.

    50.4% of the entire volume is coal, oil and products accounted for 23.2% of the total export rail freight, ferrous metals for 6.7%, fertilizers for 6.2%, and grain for 2.9% of the total.

    Coal loading increased by 4.8% year-on-year up to 121.7 mn tons during the period under report.

    Coal loading designated for South Russian ports grew by 21.9% year-on-year up to 12.6 mn tons, that to North-Western ports declined by 3.2% down to 39.7 mn tons, and that to the Russian Far East was up 7.2% exceeding 69.5 mn tons.

    All in all, 96.5 mn tons of export cargo, 0.3% below the level of January-September 2019, was designated for the North-West sea ports. The Southern region ports accounted for 56.8 mn tons, up 2.8% year-on-year. Cargo volume loaded for export via the ports of the Russian Far East made 82.1 mn tons, up 7.8% year-on-year.

    In September, 26 mn tons of cargo was loaded for export via Russian sea ports, up 2.8% year-on-year. Export cargo loaded for rail transportation to the North-West sea ports decreased by 3.6% down to some 10.6 mn tons, that designated to the South Russia ports was up 3.2% to 6.4 mn tons, and that to the Russian Far East grew by 11.1% up to 9 mn tons.

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