Container Traffic via the Azov and Black Sea Basin Ports in June

Container Traffic via Azov and Black Sea Basin Ports in June 2020 Down 8.1%

  • The article is based on SeaNews PORTSTAT online service (available for SeaNews subsribers).

    According to SeaNews PORTSTAT analytic online service, the total container throughput via the Azov and Black Sea basin ports in June 2020 decreased by 8.1% year-on-year. Import was down 10.6%, and export down 6.2%. Cabotage, on the contrary, surged 3.6-fold. Transit was non-existent in June.

    The share of the Azov and Black Sea basin in the total container traffic via all the Russian seaports in June 2020 amounted to 14.1%.

    Laden container throughput declined by 8.5% year-on-year. Reefer containers accounted for 11% of the total laden container traffic, and dry containers for 89%. Imports made 51% of all the laden containers, exports 48.9%, and cabotage 0.1%.

    Empty container traffic decreased by 7%.

    The port of Novorossiysk accounted for 98.2% of the aggregate container throughput via the Russian Azov and Black Sea basin sea ports in June. Azov handled 1%, and Kavkaz 0.8% of the total.

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