Grain Import

  • This article uses the data of the SeaNews Russian Foreign Trade Customs Statistics online service available for subscribers.

    According to SeaNews Russian Foreign Trade Customs Statistics online service, in Q1 2020 Russia imported 160.5 thousand tons of grain (+17.6% year-on-year) worth $22.5 mn (+17.7%).

    Rice makes up the largest share in Russia’s grain import amounting to 50.3 thousand tons (-17.3%) worth $141.2 mn (-19.9%). The major rice exporters to Russia were India, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Myanmar.

    Import of rye amounted to 40.1 thousand tons worth $7.6 million. Last year, Russia imported very small amount of rye. This year, rye was imported from Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

    Almost all of the imported wheat and meslin came to Russia from Kazakhstan. During the reporting period, supplies decreased by 31.1% down to 36.4 thousand tons worth $11.3 mn, down 10.3%.

    Import of corn amounted to 26.2 thousand tons (+19.6%) worth $96.7 mn (+24.6%). Most of the products came from Hungary, France, Romania and Serbia.

    Grain was imported to Russia from 36 countries, the main exporting countries were Kazakhstan and India in terms of tonnage, and Hungary and France in terms of value.

    Import from Kazakhstan amounted to 51.4 thousand tons (-8.1%) worth $14.5 mn (+15.1%). Mostly, wheat and meslin, rice and barley were shipped from Kazakhstan to Russia.

    Import from India decreased by 12.9% down to 20.9 thousand tons worth $9.8 mn, down 7.5%. All of that was rice.

    Hungary and France exported to Russia corn only. Import from Hungary increased by 22.4% up to 9.3 thousand tons worth $35.3 mn, up 37.9%. Shipments from France amounted to 6.4 thousand tons (+8.5%) worth $24.5 mn (+17.2%).

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