«Звезда» спустила первый российский Aframax

First Russian Aframax Tanker Launched

  • The first Russian Aframax tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” has been launched at Zvezda Shipyards in the Russian Far East.

    The new generation tanker is designed for oil transportation with an unlimited area of navigation. The vessel is designed to meet high environmental safety standards. The main and auxiliary power units can run on both traditional fuel and liquefied natural gas.

    The length of the vessel is 250 m, the beam is 44 m, the deadweight is 114 thousand tons, the speed is 14.6 knots, the ice class is ICE-1A. There are 12 orders for vessels of this type in Zvezda’s portfolio.

    The tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” was launched with the help of transport and transfer dock Vympel, one of the largest in Russia. It took almost a day to get ready for the descent. During this time the tanker was driven from the open heavy completion slipway to the floating dock, and then was brought to the water area.

    An agreement to build 10 Aframax tankers at Zvezda was signed in September 2017 during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to the Far East. On September 11, 2018 in the presence of the President, the keel  laying ceremony for the first Aframax tanker was held.

    Four Aframax tankers are under construction at Zvezda, in and in February 2020 metal was cut for the fifth tanker of the series. The ships are being built for Rosnefteflot, a subsidiary of Rosneft.

    These will be the first vessels of this type built in Russia. They are equipped with the most advanced class A automation system. High environmental friendliness of tankers is especially important for operations in the Arctic region.

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