В Приморске плюс, в Новороссийске минус

Cargo Throughput via NCSP Declines

  • The aggregate throughput of the stevedoring companies incorporated in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Group made 22.6 mn tons during January-February 2020 declining by 3.5%.

    Novorossiysk-based assets of the group (these include Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port proper, Novoroslesexport, Importpishscheprom, Novorossiysk Shiprepair Yard and Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal, a joint venture with Chernomorskie Main Pipeline Company) handled 11.3 mn tons, down 20.1% year-on-year.

    Throughput via Baltiysk (Baltic Stevedore Co) decreased both in terms of TEU (-29.8%) and tonnage (-25.6%). Primorsk was up 22.6% to 11.2 mn tons.

    Liquid bulk, which accounts for the largest share in the aggregate throughput of the Group, increased by 7.6% year-on-year up to 18.7 mn tons.

    Combined crude oil traffic via Novorossiysk and Primorsk grew by 11.6% year-on-year up to 10.2 mn tons. While Primorsk was up 25.6% to 7.8 mn tons, Novorossiysk saw its crude traffic decline by 12% down to 3.8 mn tons.

    Combined oil products volume increased by 3.1% year-on-year up to 6.9 mn tons. Primorsk was up 16% to 3.4 mn tons, and Novorossiysk, where Sheskharis, IPP and Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal operate, was down 6.9% to 3.5 mn tons.

    Solid bulk plummeted by 53.9% year-on-year down to 1.1 mn tons. Ferrous ore handling surged by 70.7% up to 743 thousand tons due to the growing export activity. Chemicals grew by 3.6% up to 133 thousand tons.

    Coal declined by 1.1% down to 241 thousand tons, sugar dropped by 99.7 down to 5 thousand tons.

    General cargo declined by 25.2% year-on-year down to 1.9 mn tons. Ferrous metals were down 28.5% to 1.7 mn tons, and timber and logs down 50.5% to 26 thousand tons.

    Non-ferrous metals grew by 32.7% up to 184 thousand tons due to the high activity in the aluminum market, perishables doubled to make 17 thousand tons,

    Containerized cargo traffic declined both in Novorossiysk and Baltiysk.

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