Морской порт в бухте Троица будет переваливать зерновые

Sea Port in Troitsa Bay to Handle Grain

  • Legendagro Group and Sea Port in Troitsa Bay have signed an agreement on handling grain and oilseeds.

    Legendagro is to lend the port specialized equipment for loading grain and oilseeds, it will also deliver grain to the port. Sea Port in Troitsa Bay will provide stevedoring services.

    The contract comes into force in October 2019. Grain and oilseeds will be exported to Japan, South Korea and China, at present contracts are being negotiated on corn, soya and other grain and oilseeds deliveries.

    It is planned to load shipments of 30,000-50,000 tons per vessel.

    Legendagro belongs to tree major Chinese corporations, Legend Holdings, Beidahuang Group and Jiusan Oils & Grains Industries Group.

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