Запущен контейнерный поезд Яньтай – Дуйсбург

Block Train from Yantai to Duisburg via Russia

  • RZD Logistics has launched a new transit container service from Yantai (Shandong Province, China) to Duisburg (Germany). The first train carrying household appliances, car parts and electronic devises components left the station on July 26 and arrived at the destination on August 14.

    The next train is planned in September, and at the end of Q3 – beginning of Q4 the service will start operating on a regular basis on schedule.

    During the first run, there was no back load, however, RZD Logistics is working on attracting back load for the next runs of the block train.

    The new train is routed via Mongolia and, in the west, via the Brest / Malasheviche border crossing.

    At present, RZD Logistics operates several block trains from Shandong province to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Minsk, and, now, Duisburg. In August, a new service is to be launched from the city of Jinan in Shandong to Budapest, Hungary.

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