Россия вернулась в «белый» список

Russia Back on Paris MoU White List

  • The Paris Memorandum has published the new performance lists for flags and Recognized Organizations.

    The Russian Federation, which last year slid into the “Grey List”, is back to the “White List”, together with Lithuania.

    Saudi Arabia, just the reverse, has dropped to the “Grey List”.  Vanuatu has entered the “Grey List” from the “Black List”. And Albania has dropped to the “Black List”.

    Bulgaria has become a non-listed flag. And new on the performance list – and to the “Black List” – is Mongolia.

    All in all, 73 flags are listed: 41 on the “White List”, 18 on the “Grey List” and 14 on the “Black List”.

    As from 1 July 2019 the performance lists will be used for calculating the Ship Risk Profile.

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