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Russian Made Shipboard Li-Ion Battery Gets Sertificate

  • Novosibirsk-based Liotech, part of the Rosnano holding, has received a certificate from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping on the shipboard lithium-ion battery it developed.

    According to Rosnano, there are no seagoing vessels in Russia utilizing Li-Ion batteries yet. The new technology offers a much better solution in terms of both endurance and size.

    Li-Ion batteries have a much more storage capacity than the traditional lead-acid batteries, a longer lifecycle, require no maintenance, do not emit hydrogen, and can be fully charged within an hour.

    Moreover, they can operate under the temperature ranging from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees Centigrade. Rosnano believes that such equipment is ideal for the Russian icebreaking fleet.

    After completing the certification process, Liotech intends to install its Li-Ion batteries on board ships and vessels. The company assesses the potential market for this equipment as some 0.5 mn rubles in 2019 and up to 0.7 mn in 2020.




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