Ледовые ограничения в Приморске

Ice restrictions Delay in in Primorsk

  • By order of the Harbour Master of Primorsk, the following restrictions are introduced in the port basin and the approach fairways w.e.f. January 25, 2019, provided the ice in the port is 10-15 cm thick.

    • Barges pulled by tugs are not allowed to sail in the ice conditions.
    • Vessels without an ice class are allowed to navigate only escorted by icebreakers.
    • Vessels with an Ice1 ice class and above are allowed to navigate with or without icebreaking support.

    Previously, these restrictions were scheduled to enter into force first w.e.f. January 11 and then w.e.f. January 18





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    New restrictions introduced in Primorsk
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