Первый транзитный поезд «Евросиба» через Гродеково

Eurosib Launches New China – Europe Train

  • Eurosib has launched its first transit train between China and Europe via the Grodekovo border crossing in partnership with Zhengzhou International Hub.

    The train is routed from Hamburg to Zhengzhou. The first train consisting of forty-three 40’ containers left Hamburg on December 28, reached the Grodekovo / Suifenhe border crossing on January 12 and is to arrived at Zhengzhou in a couple of days. The back load for the return trip is currently being assembled.

    The planned service frequency is weekly. Consumer goods like clothes, electronic devices and household appliances constitute cargo flows in both directions.

    Eurosib has been developing container transit since 2015. The company’s first transit train service is routed via Mongolian border crossings. During the 2.5 years of operations, some 370 block trains were sent by this route.



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