Продуктовый импорт

Food Products Import Declining

  • During January-September 2018, import of almost all food product categories into Russia declined.

    According to the RF Federal Customs Service, Russia imported 289.1 thousand tons of meat and meat products, down 47.7% year-on-year.

    Fresh and frozen poultry import decreased by 9.3% to 153.5 thousand tons.

    Fish import declined by 3.7% down to 274.1 thousand tons.

    However, canned meat and meat specialties import increased, though insignificantly, by 0.8% up to 13.3 thousand tons.

    Condensed milk and cream import was dropped 42.7% down to 106.2 thousand tons.

    Butter import decreased 24.5% down to 63.2 thousand tons.

    Vegetable oil import grew by 20.8% up to22 thousand tons.

    Citrus fruit import in January-September was up 11.7% to 946.7 thousand tons. In September, Russia imported 56 thousand tons of apples (down 17% month-on-month) and 96.7 thousand tons of bananas (up 3.1% month-on-month).

    Sugar import continued to decline, in January-September raw sugar import dropped 64.2% down to 4.1 thousand tons and white sugar import was down by just 0.1% to 195.6 thousand tons.

    Coffee import increased by 6.2% up to 144.9 thousand tons and tea import grew by 2.3% up to 128 thousand tons.a


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