Группе Дело разрешили купить Global Ports

Delo Allowed to Buy Global Ports

  • The Russia Federal Anti-Trust Service (FAS) has granted Delo Group a permission to acquire 30.75% in Global Ports Investments PLC (126,814,024 voting common shares and 49,435,976 non-voting common shares).

    The deal covers the following assets: Global Ports Management Company, First Container Terminal, Petrolesport, Logistika-Terminal, Ust-Luga Container Terminal, Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company, Vostochny International Freight Forwarding Service, ZASM, Cargo Connection East, Container-Depot East, Container Service, Yanino Logistics Park, Moby Dik, PLP Mineral, PortTransService, Russian Logistics Information Systems, Farvater, Shakhovo-18.

    Delo Group is buying the share of Transportation Investments Holding Limited. The parties announced the intended sale in December 2017 without disclosing the price. 

    The majority shareholders in Global Ports are Transportation Investments Holding Limited (operates under the N-Trans brand) with 30.75% and APM Terminals B.V. with 30.75%, part of Maersk Group, Ilibrinio Establishment Limited and Polozio Enterprises Limited have 9% each, and 20.5% is free-float.

    The anti-trust agency has granted a permission on a condition to set the tariffs for terminal services in rubles, similarly as it prescribed when granting an approval of the intended acquisition of a share in the company controlling Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port by a Transneft subsidiary. 

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