Российский нефтеэкспорт

Russian Oil and Gas Export

  • During 2017, Russia exported 252.6 mn tons of crude oil, slightly below the 2016 level (-0.8% year-on-year). However, in terms of value crude oil export grew, according to the RF Federal Customs Service, by 26.6% up to $93.3 bn.

    Oil products export declined 4.9% down to 148.4 mn tons. In terms of value, it increased 26.8% to $58.2 bn.

    Diesel fuel export increased 4.8% to 50.9 mn tons worth $23.2 bn (up 31.6% year-on-year).

    Car petrol export declined 16.8% down to 4.3 mn tons physically, but grew 3.4% to $2.08 bn in terms of value.

    Natural gas export from Russia amounted to 210.2 bn cbm, up 5.8% year-on-year. In terms of value, gas export grew 22% to $38.1 bn.

    LNG export increased slightly by 0.8% to 24.4 mn tons physically and, more significantly, in terms of value – up 9.4% to $3.17 bn.

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