Приватизация Совкомфлота откладывается

Sovcomflot Privatization Postponed

  • Sovcomflot will not be privatized in 2017, told the media Maxim Oreshkin, RF minister of economic development, during the Eleventh Ministerial WTO conference in Buenos Aires.

    “There will be no Sovcomflot privatization this year, but we are working on this deal, considering all variants. We had the deal prepared already this summer, but the market conditions were poor, and now are just looking into different variants to shoes the nits efficient one”, the minister is quoted as saying by TASS.

    He added that Sovcomflot privatization is the most prepared and likely deal. “We are also working on other deals, but privatizing Sovcomflot is definitely the closest and the most likely one. As soon as it is prepare we will announce and close it”.

    According to M.Oreshkin, the privatization of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port and United Grain Company is also possible in 2018.

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