24,5% акций ТрансКонтейнера сменили владельца

Share in TransContainer Sold

  • TransContainer has reported receiving a notification that Enisei Capital acquired a 24.5% stake in the company on 6 December 2017. The notification was received on December 12.

    Enisei Capital was registered on July 2017 in Moscow.

    According to Interfax, the company is affiliated with Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov.

    Earlier today FESCO, who previously demonstrated interest in increasing its share in TransContainer, said the company was not the buyer.

    Later answering SeaNews’ inquiry FESCO said they were neither the seller of the share in question.

    The size of the share sold is the same as that of Blagostostoyanie Pension Fund.

    The majority shareholder in TransContainer is Russian Railways, which own 50% plus 2 shares via UTLC.a

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