Контейнерный поезд Самара – Пекин

RZD Logistics Launches Samara – Bejing Container Train

  • RZD Logistics is launching a new block train for Russian exports of manufactured goods and foodstuffs with a test run from Samara to Bejing.

    The first train scheduled to arrive to the Chinese capital this week carries several containers with flour. The next train, which will be fully loaded, is to leave Samara in February 2018.

    According to RZD Logistics, in addition to flour, such commodities as sunflower and soya oil, honey, grain flakes, corn, confectionery, juices, etc. can be carried from Samara to China.

    The company also hopes for back load from China, which can be electronic goods and parts, textiles, household appliances, consumer goods, car parts as well as e-commerce goods.

    The train is most likely to be routed via the Zabaikalsk border crossing, however, routing via Naushki is also being considered.

    The transit time when the train is fully operational will make some 14 days.

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