Lada возвращается в Иорданию

Russian Lada Back to Jordan

  • AvtoVAZ has resumed exporting Lada to Jordan. Cars are shipped via Novorossiysk. According to TMBCL, the agent for Neptune Lines, cars are loaded on board feeder vessels operated by Neptune Lines at Novoroslesexport terminal with transshipment via Beirut or Alexandria.

    The service is bimonthly, the transit time to Aqaba is 20 days, according to TMBCL, it is faster and cheaper than routing via St. Petersburg. In 2015-2016, TMBCL used the same route via Novorossiysk to export KAMAZ trucks.

    The first two orders were made to order of the Jordan-based dealer, as for the next shipments, AvtoVAZ intends to make them on its own depending on the sales results.

    The first two shipments included about 56 cars of different modifications.

    According to AvtoVAZ, the company offers in Jordan the following Lada Vesta, Lada Granta, 3- and 5-door Lada 4х4, Lada Largus, Lada Kalina and Lada Kalina Cross.

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