LCL and LTL Demand Growing

LCL and LTL Demand Growing

  • Roman Ipatov, Director, Intermodal, Dachser

    We pay a lot of attention to developing consolidated cargo transportation both internationally and to intra-Russia destination. At present we see a steady growth in demand for both LCL and LTL services.

    Даксер News, Super Expert, Trends, Experts' OpinionsThe trend of the past years, despite the decline in the overall transportation volume and the global economic recession, was a rather significant expansion in consolidated cargo delivery geography, reduction in transit time due to using new modes and routes of delivery and, also to the increasing number of logistics operators offering such services.

    The growing number of players providing all sorts of services in this market allows of offering more than one variant of delivery to our customers instead of just one logistics solution as was the case several years ago.

    E.g., in the past years we have seen a strong development and growth in consolidated cargo transportation via Vladivostok, also, new services via Novorossiysk have been launched, and LCL rail volumes from China are growing, as rail offers the fastest delivery for small shipments after road transport.

    All this is a testimony to the fact that LCL and LTL services are quite popular in the freight forwarding and transportation market, and are developing steadily despite the general recession that the transport business has been experiencing.

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