О ситуации с судоходством в Азовском море и в Керченском проливе

Russian Ports in Sea of Azov Operating as Usual

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    All Russian ports in the Sea of Azov are operating as usual, according to SeaNews’ sources. As of March 8-9, a number of vessels left the Azov ports. On March 9, 13 ships transited the Kerch Strait arriving at the Azov-Don Sea Canal roadstead to proceed to Azov and Rostov.

    Vessels with a destination in Turkey and tankers have a priority irrespective of the flag and the nationality of the crew. There are no restrictions as to the flag and crew nationality in the Russian ports in the Sea of Azov, Ukrainian seafarers are allowed to leave the board. There are no changes as to the border crossing procedures for vessels, market sources say.

    To get included into a convoy to transit the Kerch Strait, the vessel has to arrive at the Kerch Strait roadstead, the agent is to submit an application to the PortCall system, and get a berth confirmation.

    Vessels with crews consisting of 50% and more Ukrainian seafarers will be transiting under the Crimean bridge in convoys consisting of 5-7 vessels escorted by military ships. After passing the bridge they will proceed to ports in a usual mode.

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