Экспорт производных метанола рекомендовано приостановить

Russian Makers of Pentaerythritol and Urotropine Advised to Suspend Export

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    The RF Ministry of industry and trade has advised Russian methanol producers to suspend exporting pentaerythritol and urotropine. The recommendation was voiced at the working meeting held to discuss the current situation in the methanol market. One of the issues raised was the setback of loading Russian-made methanol in European ports.

    ‘A number of foreign carriers and customs authorities in the EU are cynically sabotaging the export of Russian made methanol while the export of Russian made pentaerythritol and urotropine, which are critical for industrial producers in the EU, is facing no such problems,’ the Ministry said in a statement.

    It went on to remind that the Russian manufacturers’ share in the European market makes 40% for pentaerythritol and 50% for urotropine. ‘The European regulators are fully aware that a deficit of these products in the EU may results in serious problems for Europe’s manufacturers of construction materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries.’

    ‘Taking into account the situation with foreign logistics operators and the risks involved, the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia recommends Russian producers to suspend exporting pentaerythritol and urotropine to EU countries,’ the Ministry said.

    The Russian producers of methanol, pentaerythritol and urotropine are not waiving their contractual obligations provided EU carriers guarantee reliable and stable delivery of these commodities, the Ministry emphasized.

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