«Сердце» технологической линии проекта «Сахалин-2» доставили на «Руслане»

Ruslan Plane Flies Electric Engine for Sakhalin 2 Project

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    An electric engine for the main gas booster compressor of the Sakhalin-2 onshore processing facility (OPF) has been delivered to Sakhalin, Sakhalin Energy said in a statement. It arrived on board an An-124-100 Ruslan, one of the world’s largest planes, designed to transport oversized and heavylift cargo.

    The new engine was produced by the Italian manufacturer Nidec specifically for the OPF gas pumping unit at Sakhalin Energy’s request. The 21 MW electric engine is the core of the process train. It powers the centrifugal compressor, which in turn creates the operating gas pressure, thus enabling its further transportation.

    “After the engine was manufactured, Nidec successfully completed factory acceptance tests, which confirmed that it meets all stated specifications,” Roman Sinitskiy, Deputy Finance Director, Supply Chain Manager, says. “Apart from representatives of the manufacturer, Sakhalin Energy engineers and an independent expert also participated in the acceptance and the running of an extended test package on the electric engine. After being delivered to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, it underwent further testing – a so-called incoming inspection – which proved it is ready for operations”.

    The total weight of the engine, including its main components and attachments, is more than 100 tons. Therefore, being classified an oversized cargo, it was transported disassembled with the minimum possible number of separate transportable units. The unloading of such heavyweight “luggage” took place in several stages and required the use of a standard plane loader system and a crane. Lifted with the cargo hoist, the engine parts were first unloaded onto the landing field down the extensible ramp at the nose of Ruslan aircraft and then loaded onto four KamAZ trucks (including a Batyr rough-terrain truck) with a crane. The rough-terrain truck was used to transport the 60-tonne stator – the heaviest part of the electric engine. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions, the delivery was completed on schedule with every safety precaution observed.

    Before delivering the engine to the onshore processing facility, the onshore transportation route will be tested. 37 motorway bridges have already been strength tested taking into account the cargo weight. The engine is to reach its final destination in early March.

    “To ensure the technical safety of the Sakhalin-2 project, we must comply with the strict requirements for organising technical maintenance of the production facilities. We must stay updated on recent developments in the world in order to restock our reserve of critical equipment in time. A highly proactive approach in this area ensures one of the key elements of the company – the continuous and sustainable operation of all business processes,” Roman Sinitskiy said.

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