Атомный ледокол «Сибирь» идет в Арктику

“Sibir” Nuclear Icebreaker Heads Arctic

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    On January 13 the first serial universal nuclear icebreaker “Sibir” operated by Atomflot set sail from St. Petersburg to the port of registry, Murmansk. The vessel is ready to take on duty in the Northern Sea Route, said Rosatom, the mother structure of Atomflot.

    The transit is expected to take 8-9 days. The weather conditions in the North and Norwegian Seas are harsh at the moment with wind gales reaching 30 mps. The maritime operations headquarters are to provide the captain with their recommendations to ensure a safe passage.

    Several days after arrival at Murmansk, the icebreaker is to set off on her first mission in the West Arctic in the Ob and Yenisei area of the Kara Sea. In the coming months, testing and monitoring all the onboard systems and mechanisms will continue.

    Technical details of Project 22220:

    • Deep displacement: 33,540 tons
    • Length overall: 173.3 m
    • Beam overall: 34 m
    • Amidships height to upper deck: 15.2 m
    • Draft on design waterline: 10.5 m
    • Minimum operating draft: 8.55 m
    • Maximum operating ice thickness: 2.9 m
    • Nuclear power plant includes the RITM-200 reactor unit with a capacity: 175 MW
    • Steam turbine unit with an output: 72 MW
    • Crew: 54 persons
    • Life cycle: 40 years.

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