Новый кран для НУТЭП


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    In December 2021, NUTEP, part of DeloPorts, the stevedoring asset of Delo Group, signed an agreement with China’s Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (ZPMC) on production and delivery of a new ship-to-shore crane in the framework of the investment program aimed at modernizing the terminal.

    The total contract value is over 10.4 mn euro. According to the agreement, the ZPMC-STS-LC50-BL61 crane is тto be delivered in September 2023. The crane will be installed at Berth 39 of NUTEP’s container terminal instead of two STS cranes decommissioned and dismantled in 2021.

    The technical specifications of the new crane (50 tons lifting capacity, 35 meters lifting height, 15 meters lowering depth, and 46 meters boom reach) significantly exceed the characteristics of the decommissioned equipment.

    According to estimates, the launch of the new STS crane will allow DeloPorts to increase annual container throughput by 85 thousand TEU.

    Igor Yakovenko, CEO of DeloPorts, commented on the agreement: “The expansion of the NUTEP terminal’s capacity cannot be conducted only by a physical increase of a berthing front or container storage, as it is a complex of interrelated operational facilities”.

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