Фрахтовые ставки из порта Усть-Луга, неделя 15, 2021

Freight Rates from Ust-Luga, Week 15, 2021

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    There is a slight increase in freight rates for the ports of ARAG and the UK in the short see market in the Baltic region. Despite the holidays last week, there is still a lack of tonnage in the Baltic. According to Sea Lines shipbrokers, this can be explained not only by contract shipments, but also by the small number of back cargoes to the Baltic.

    Ship owners note that now there is a large flow of timber, for which they are forced to give up their fleet fulfilling contract obligations. They also prefer to take on non-weather cargo due to storms in the North and Irish Seas, which most often lead to an increase in voyage time and affect the expectations of loading operations for goods such as grain and fertilizers going to the ports of ARAG and the UK, Sea Lines report.

    On week 15, freight rates for 30,000-35,000 dwt bulkers from Ust-Luga declined slightly.

    Thus, rates on the Ust-Luga – Continent – Ust-Luga were $20 pmt, rates from Ust-Luga to North Spain were $22.5 pmt, and those to Casablanca were $26 pmt.

    Rates from Ust-Luga were $30.25 pmt to West Med rates, and $36.5 pmt to East Med.

    Rates for 30,000-35,000 dwt bulkers from Ust-Luga to the Black Sea amounted to $37.75 pmt.

    On week 15, freight rates for smaller bulkers from Ust-Luga also moved down.

    Thus, rates from Ust-Luga to Riga made €16.25 pmt and those to Gdansk were €18 pmt.

    Freight rates from Ust-Luga made €20 pmt to Szczecin, €25.25 to Flensburg, and €28.25 to Hamburg.

    Rates from Ust-Luga were €31 pmt to ARAG, €38.5 pmt to East Britain, €39.5 pmt to West Britain, and €41 pmt to Dublin.

    Please note that the rates cited in this article are average market rates. We ask our readers to pay attention that this information is not a commercial offer and cannot be an example for comparison in commercial disputes and arbitration.

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