«Сибантрацит» впервые отправил уголь судном типа Capesize из Тамани

Sibanthracite Starts Shipping Coal by Capesize Vessels from Taman

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    This March, Sibanthracite shipped 160,000 tons of metallurgical coal from the port of Taman on board the “Maran Fotune”, a Capesize bulk carrier. The products are designated for customers in the Asia-Pacific Region, primarily in China.

    This is the first time Sibanthracite has exported coal using such a large capacity vessel, and the company said it will continue to utilize such ships to supply customers in the APR. In 2021, the volume of coal to be loaded from the port of Taman by Capesize bulkers is expected to exceed a million tons.

    The move to shipping by large-capacity vessels was prompted by the need to meet APR consumers’ growing demand for Sibanthracite products. Using Capsize ships allows the company to optimize the shipping process by loading large shipments at a time, while increasing the efficiency of export operations by reducing the cost of sea freight. 

    Sibanthracite is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of high-quality UHG anthracite and Russia’s leading producer of metallurgical coals. Over 90% of the company’s products are exported. Export shipments are made via Russia’s Far East ports, the ports of Taman, Ust-Luga, and others.

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