Reshaping the Future of Marine Insurance in a Post Pandemic World

Reshaping the Future of Marine Insurance in a Post Pandemic World

  • TMS WEBINAR SERIES 14 — Reshaping the Future of Marine Insurance in a Post Pandemic World

    The Maritime Standard will host the fourteenth in its series, Covid 19: A Leadership Perspective webinar, on Wednesday March 10th at 12:30 pm UAE time (8:30 am GMT; 2:00 pm IST). On this occasion the focus will be on marine insurance, with panellists discussing and debating how the pandemic has reshaped the shipping industry’s risk profile and how they see the future of marine insurance in a post pandemic world. An experienced group of senior executives specialising in different aspects of marine insurance will reflect on the changes and challenges that have come with the pandemic and will assess how the year ahead might unfold for their industry.

    There is still considerable uncertainty about what is and is not covered under many typical policies and within P&I Clubs when it comes to pandemic related matters. Many shipowners feel that as far as insurance is concerned, more clarity and advice is needed to allow them to manage risks effectively and avoid actions that might prejudice any future claims. The aim of the webinar is to provide some of those answers and help navigate shipowners through these areas of uncertainty.

    Topics proposed for discussion include:

    • What have been the biggest implications of the pandemic for the marine insurance sector?
    • How has the risk profile for typical ship operations changed and how is the marine insurance sector responding?
    • Issues for P&I Clubs- what approach have most adopted in dealing with their member’s needs. Is the ability of Clubs to use discretion being applied consistently?
    • The impact of the pandemic on marine insurance brokers.
    • What lessons have been learned from the pandemic in 2020 and what steps need to be put in place to address them going forward?
    • What are the most important measures that ports and shipowners need to apply, to optimise their insurance cover? What questions should they ask of their providers to make sure they don’t face any unpleasant surprises?
    • The financial impact of the pandemic on marine insurance and the likely consequences going forward.
    • The issues quarantine restrictions raise for insurers.
    • Cargo related claims – notable trends post pandemic.
    • Seafarer health and welfare – what role does the insurance sector have to play?

    Confirmed speakers include:

    • Tarek Seif, Secretary General of the Insurance Federation of Egypt
    • Satyajit Tripathy General Manager, GIC of India
    • Bimal Bhatia, Director, Nasco
    • Mark Cracknell, Managing Director, Marsh JLT Specialty
    • Amir Mosadeghi, CEO, Islamic P&I Club
    • Julien Horn, Portfolio Underwriter, TT Club Mutual Insurance Ltd – Middle East, Africa, Turkey & Eastern Med.

    It is anticipated that the webinar will last for around 2 hours. An initial series of questions and a panel discussion session will be followed by a final section where panelists will get the chance to answer questions posted by attendees from around the world.

    Places are strictly limited, and free registrations are open now by clicking on the following link:

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