AirBridgeCargo Steps into COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Phase

AirBridgeCargo Steps into COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Phase

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    AirBridgeCargo Airlines, part of Volga-Dnepr Group, has announced accomplishing its first COVID-19 vaccine transportation from Beijing (China). The delivery was implemented in partnership with UPS/Marken onboard one of the carrier’s Boeing 747 freighters.

    A total of 6,000 doses of vaccines weighing almost 400 kg were safely packed into CRĒDO™ XTREME passive temperature-controlled shipping container, stacked and loaded into standard AKE container and delivered under 2-8C temperature regime. As expected, the vaccines will be part of the clinical trials the manufacturer conducts in various countries across the globe.

    Casper Pan, Head of healthcare APAC (ABC) and a dedicated Vaccine Task Force within Volga-Dnepr Group, described the project as “the defining moment for our Company and Global Healthcare Team”. 

    “After months of preparations, we are actually stepping into the COVID-19 vaccine transportation phase to deliver these sophisticated pharmaceutical products the whole world relies on as a source which will help all of us to get back to normal. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our APAC and Global Healthcare Team the first transportation went smoothly and we are ready to leverage the stable flows,” he said. 

    According to Yulia Celetaria, Healthcare Director of Volga-Dnepr Group, the customer, UPS, has been masterminding the transportation with the airline, going step by step to guarantee that the vaccine efficacy is 100% maintained.

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