Фрахтовый рынок Азовского и Каспийского моря. Неделя 31 2020

Azov and Caspian Freight Market, Week 31, 2020

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    On week 31, FOB wheat prices in the Black Sea region decreased slightly. The reason for that was the appearance of grain from the Russian Central region and Ukraine in the market, as well as the declining ruble exchange rate; the latter in a short time period allowed traders to conclude contracts, while grain prices did not win back, Glogos Project reports.

    The reduction in the grain market was also facilitated by a pause among buyers in Muslim countries, most of whom went on holidays suspending purchases. However, despite the long holidays, the market did not respond to this with decline. The work on the contracts already signed continued, and there was not much of open spot tonnage.

    Thus, the market is rather on the owners’ side; in confirmation of this, rates added a US dollar: the rate on the basis of a voyage from Rostov to Samsun was about $16 per a ton of wheat.

    Over the past week, the demand for tonnage for cabotage voyages increased significantly on the part of charterers. Most of the requests were from the middle Volga in both North and South directions. Rates responded to this with a fairly strong growth. For example, the rate on the basis of a voyage from Ulyanovsk to St. Petersburg was about $20-21 per ton, and from Samara to Kavkaz about $30.

    Due to the low water level, a considerable part of the fleet cannot load up to full capacity; voyages from the river are quite expensive. Realizing their advantage, owners of Omskiy type vessels are hiking rates. This has led to a situation where the already scarce fleet becomes even more inaccessible for charterers, which is why there is lack of open positions. Traders are trying to transport cargo to Azov or Rostov, and freight in this direction has also increased; it can reach up to $20 per ton from Samara.
    According to Glogos Project, on week 30, freight rates for 3,000-5,000 dwt vessels for wheat parcels to the Sea of Marmara made $18 pmt from Rostov and Azov, $17 pmt from Yeisk and Taganrog, and $15 from Temryuk.

    Freight rates for coal to the Sea of Marmara made $17 pmt from Rostov and Azov, $16 pmt from Yeisk and Taganrog, and $14 from Temryuk.

    In the Caspian region, there is a silent period in grain shipments due to the Muslim holidays. Activity was observed only in domestic transportation from river elevators to St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Azov and Rostov.

    Traders think that the 33rd week can be followed by a spike in grain prices, which will accelerate the freight market. In the meanwhile, all shippers are waiting for good purchase prices from Iranian buyers. After August 15, the warehouses will receive new crop corn, which will also affect the price market.

    Freight rates for 3,000 dwt vessels for barley to Iran made $17 pmt from Astrakhan, $13 from Aktau and $14 pmt from Makhachkala.

    Please note that the rates cited in this article are average market rates. We ask our readers to pay attention that this information is not a commercial offer and cannot be an example for comparison in commercial disputes and arbitration.

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