Container Traffic via the Arctic Basin Ports in January

Container Traffic via Arctic Basin Ports

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    According to SeaNews PORTSTAT analytic online service, the total container throughput via the Arctic basin ports in January 2020 decreased by 1.7% year-on-year. Cabotage, which accounts for the major share of the total, was down 1.7%. Export grew by 5.3%. Import made 4 TEU.

    The share of the Arctic basin in the total container traffic via all the Russian seaports in January 2020 amounted to 2.6%.

    Laden container throughput in the Arctic increased by 4.8% year-on-year. Reefer containers accounted for 3.6% of the total laden container traffic, and dry containers for 96.4%. Cabotage made 99.6% of all the laden containers, exports 0.3%, imports 0.1%.

    Empty container traffic declined by 12.1%.

    The port of Dudinka accounted for 44% of the aggregate container throughput via the Russian Arctic basin sea ports in January. Murmansk handled 32.1% of the total, and Arkhangelsk 23.9%.

    PORTSTAT is an analytic service containing container and cargo throughput statistics for all the Russian sea ports and stevedoring companies.

    PORTSTAT is a cloud-based online service available for our subscribers at any time, in any place where internet is available, and from any device, be it a PC or a mobile gadget.

    Container throughput via russian ports
    Cargo throughput via russian ports

    PORTSTAT opportunities and advantages:

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsComprehensive – statistics are available for all the sea ports and stevedorig companies of the Russian Federation. Historic data is available since 2015.

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsIndicative – regional shipping market indicator with no time lag. Growth/decline trends for the past months.

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsSpeed – momentary data visualization, various analytic breakdowns. Import / export / cabotage / transit / throughput structure by cargo type.

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsAvailable 24/7PORTSTAT is located in a cloud-based data center and is available always, everywhere and from any device.

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsVisualization – diagrams, graphic and cartographic visualization. Data export.

    Container Traffic via Arctic Basin PortsHigh relevancy – data is updated monthly.

    PORTSTAT is an innovative interactive analytic tool based on the BI and BIGDATA technology that enables you to::

    • get data in a user defined breakdown, including container and cargo throughput for at least past 7 months for absolutely all of the Russian sea ports and stevedoring companies for all commodity groups (about 20 of them),
    • break down cargo flows (export/import/transit) by commodity groups by basin, port, or stevedore,
    • rate port/terminal operators of the basin/port you have chosen not only by their aggregate throughput, but also by other parameters, such as import/export/cabotage volume, defining commodity group and period of time (last month, concrete month you defined, or a period you set),
    • get interactive cartographic representation of data,
    • choose what data and in what context are visualized on the screen,
    • compare operational statistics of two stevedoring companies.

    New fresh statistics for all the Russian sea ports and stevedoring companies are uploaded into PORTSTAT every month.

    Now data for January 2020 is available in the PORTSTAT online service.

    Subscribe for PORTSTAT

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