Russian Trade Mission at Allt för Sjön Shipbuilding Fair in Stockholm

Russian Trade Mission at Allt för Sjön Shipbuilding Fair in Stockholm

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    On March, the international “Allt för Sjön” shipbuilding fair was launched in Stockholm. The Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Sweden, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center are taking part in the event.

    «Russian boat industry is growing really fast and producing high quality boats, you can see that you can see that yourself on our site. Our goal not just sell boats as they are, but establish longterm relationship, contacts and dealership that can help Russian boat producers», — said Aleksandr Abramov, head of Russian Trade Representation in Sweden.

    Today, Russia launched its exposition of small vessels, held by the Russian Export Center (REC) together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation, in the Sweden as part of the international “Allt för Sjön” (Everything for the Sea) shipbuilding fair in Stockholm, which features the highlights of the global small-ship building industry from March 6 – 15.

    Each year, the fair attracts shipbuilding companies from Central and Northern Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and some 20 other countries.

    Despite all the competition in the global yacht market, Russia’s export volume, now worth millions of euros, is growing year by year. The long-standing experience in engineering and shipbuilding, competitive prices and high standards of quality and reliability have given Russian small vessels a top export potential.

    According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, export of small vessels from Russia to Sweden has grown from zero to 4.4 million US dollars over the past two years. To a great extent, this is due to the introduction of a system supporting exports of high-tech products.

    This year, for the first time, the Russian Federation is representing the best small vessel manufacturers as well as exibiting equipment and innovative materials from across the country at Allt för Sjön.

    With the help of the Russian Export Center (REC), a governmental organization for the support of non-resource exports providing a wide spectrum of financial and non-financial support measures to Russian exporters, a total of nine domestic manufacturers are participating in the fair, seeking sales partners for its products.

    REC’s exposition is bringing together vessel manufacturers, such as Merkuriy Trading LLC (Masterproboat), NyordCompany LLC (NorthSilver), RIF LLC, KAV LLC (Rossomaha), Salyut Samara Motorboat Plant (Realcraft), VictoryBoats LLC and Kater LLC (VBOATS). As well as shipbuilding companies, REC’s joint stand is featuring the latest designs of pontoons by RODEMOS Research and Production Center LLC (Magic Float) and carbon fibers by Rosatom UMATEX’s NPK Khimpromenzhiniring JSC.

    The national exposition is designed to demonstrate the achievements of domestic small-ship building. With the Baltic states in mind, Russian manufacturers are presenting small aluminum and steel vessels, highly reliable in extreme conditions and low temperatures, as well as special types of motorboats for sport fishing.

    Special-purpose vessels, which have long been in use by Russian special services, are being presented separately. Due to the high quality, reliability and other benefits of owning such vessels, Russian manufacturers have great chances to maintain a strong position in their segment of the global market.

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