«Турецкий поток» в действии

TurkStream Put into Operation

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    Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended ceremony to launch TurkStream gas pipeline yesterday.

    The TurkStream project is a gas pipeline consisting of two lines with a capacity of 15.75 bn cubic metres of gas per year each.

    The first line is to supply Russian gas to Turkish consumers, the second one, to the countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe.

    The pipeline starts from the Russkaya compression station near Anapa in South Russia and traverses the bottom of the Black Sea to Turkey. The Turkish section of the pipeline is 180 km long.

    Since January 1 Russia started supplying gas to Bulgaria, and since January 5 it is supplied to North Macedonia nd Greece via a compression station in Bulgaria.

    Photo: Kremlin.ru

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