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ULCT Receives Licence to Handle Class 7 Hazardous Cargo

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    Ust-Luga Container Terminal has received a licence from the North-Western Department of the State Marine and River Authority of the Federal Transport Authority allowing to handle Class 7 hazardous cargo. ULCT thus now has complete authorization to handle hazardous cargo of all classes (classes 1-9).

    Most stringent requirements apply to the handling of radioactive cargo and in order to obtain the licence, ULCT had to undergo a number of operational checks and succeeded in demonstrating that the technology and equipment of the terminal, safety levels, and the qualification and quality of training of its personnel meet existing requirements.

    The movement of class 7 hazardous cargo is strictly regulated. Such cargoes are transported in extra-strong protection insulated containers (transportation packaging) that ensure the complete safety of transportation. They are brought to the port on specially fitted flat railcars, with a focus on the laying, placement and fixing of the cargo. ULCT will handle radioactive cargoes by applying both the technical and organizational measures designed to ensure the safety of handling operations.

    To ensure the safe handling of class 7 hazardous cargo, ULCT approved a set of measures obligatory by international and national standards regarding the technical conditions of loading and unloading. The terminal has developed comprehensive process maps for each stage of cargo movement, safety rules, and emergency prevention instructions.

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