The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference

The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference

  • Date: 22nd October 2019       

    Venue: Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai

    Google Location:      

    The Maritime Standard Tanker ConferenceThe fourth annual The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference will take place on Tuesday 22nd October at the Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai.

    The first three events have been both extraordinarily successful and popular, raising the profile of the tanker shipping business regionally and globally. The selection of a larger venue in 2018 paid off with a much-increased delegate attendance and an even bigger audience is anticipated this year. Already established as one of the leading events on the tanker shipping calendar, the Conference is aimed at key decision makers and high-level policy takers within the tanker shipping business.

    This year’s event takes place at a time of considerable volatility and uncertainty within the tanker shipping business. While some of the market fundamentals appear positive, there are significant challenges posed by the political-economic context, as well as the imposition of new environmental rules.

    The Conference will focus on key market trends in the crude, products, chemicals and gas tanker markets, giving attendees a unique insight into the opportunities that exist and how to capitalise on them. It will also assess ancillary sectors, such as the bunker supply, law, ship agency and supplies, and petrochemicals trades. 

    The event is a must-attend, not only for tanker owners and operators, but all companies that provide products and services to this sector of the shipping industry. The intention is that attendees will leave the TMS Tanker Conference with a much clearer idea about future trade patterns, and market influences, so they are better placed to build the foundations for longer term business growth.

    Contact person: Ammaar Murtaza


    Tel: +971 4 3805556

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