Marketing вакансия в CMA CGM в Москве

Marketing вакансия в CMA CGM в Москве

  • Company: CMA CGM Rus

    Vacancy: Marketing and Business Performance Analyst

    Main mission/objective/targets:

    • Sets in place and supervises on a constant basis a number of measures and indicators to monitor business and industry activity at country/customers/competition levels to detect main trends, benchmarks CMA CGM positions on the Russian market and reports to CMA CGM Russia (CCR) Management and Head Office (HO)/Line Management as appropriate/relevant.
    • Arranges market analyses and conducts market segmentation to select and focus on target industries and customer segments to increase CMA CGM presence in, according to the CMA CGM global and regional commercial strategy.
    • Ensures all CMA CGM external/internal marketing/promotional tools are in place and properly updated, builds and manages a comprehensive reporting package to CCR/HO management.
    • Studies any opportunity and recommends measures to implement/events to participate to improve CMA CGM corporate image and the company’s positions on the Russian market.
    • thoroughly and deeply investigates market of containerized freight services;
    • performs statistical analysis and evaluation of commercial CCR activities;
    • provides recommendations for improving commercial performances of CCR based on evaluation results, market conditions and goals set by CMA CGM HO.


    • Regularly monitors mass media materials, trade and common sources, for new information related to sea freight related services and markets, both containerized and potential ones for containerization;
    • regularly arranges CCR attendance at and/or participation in trade and freight related events, e.g. conferences, exhibitions etc, in order to be in line with the current tendencies on containerized shipping markets;
    • analyzes and interprets information related to containerized shipping market;
    • regularly arranges CCR participation in activities, arranged by the CMA CGM HO Marketing department;
    • prepares, processes and monitors statistics related to commercial activity of CCR;
    • provides report package related to commercial activity of CCR on regular basis;
    • provides other reports related to commercial activity of CCR requested by CCR management and Head Office;
    • participates in development of quantitative and qualitative indicators for evaluation of CCR commercial activities and performances together with evaluation of the market potential;
    • participates in development of quantitative and qualitative indicators for evaluation of markets potential and targets;
    • regularly informs CCR commercial staff (sales and customer services in both CCR HO and Branches) on marketing information provided by CMA CGM HO;
    • participates in development and promotion of e-commerce within CCR, together with marketing department of Head Office;
    • participates in development, promotion and updates of CCR web-site in Internet and Intranet.


    • Higher education
    • Experience:

    — minimum 1 year experience in international transportation or freight forwarding related positions in marketing or sales/business performance reporting/analysis

    — experience in extensive working with electronic systems, databases, programs, proficiency in MS Excel

    — experience with market researches/reviews and business performance reports/analyses

    — preparation of presentations in MS Power Point and presenting them in public in front of colleagues and top management

    • Fluent and flawless English and Russian, both written and spoken
    • Analytical skills
    • Adherence to deadlines with regular and ad hoc tasks
    • Advantages:

    — presentation skills is an advantage

    — basic acumen/knowledge/understanding of a company website/web page maintenance and updates is an advantage.

    Compensation package:

    • competitive salary as per interview results
    • benefits – as per Russian Labor Code, medical insurance, lunch allowance.


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