Новый контейнерный поезд из Китая в Московскую область

New Block Train from China to Moscow

  • RZD Logistics in cooperation with its subsidiary Far East Land Bridge LTD (FELB) has launched a new train service from the Chinese rail station of Yantai to the Selyatino rail station in Moscow Region.

    The first train carrying 42 containers with consumer goods, equipment, spare parts and electronic goods (part of these in LCL shipments) departed from Yantai on June 28, the very day the station was inaugurated. The transit time is expected to make some 16-18 days. The train is routed via Mongolia via the Erlian and Naushki border crossings.

    The service is planned as regular. In July, two more trains will run, and since August the service will operate on a weekly basis. In future, the service will be routed not only via the territory of Mongolia, but via the Zabaikalsk border crossing.

    According to RZD Logistics, the tariff start from $1,850 per 40’ container and from $110 per 1 cbm.

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