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Bill on Rosatom and Northern Sea Route

  • RF President Vladimir Putin has signed the Federal Law assigning the State corporation Rosatom with a number of functions in the sphere of governing the development and operations of the Northern Sea Route on behalf of the state.

    Thus, Rosatom will be responsible for developing and implementing public policies related to the development and operations of the Northern Sea Route, icebreakers deployed on the Northern Sea Route and the infrastructure of sea ports along the Northern Sea Route.

    It will also organize vessel navigation along the sea route and coordinate with harbor masters of the sea ports located along the Northern Sea Rote.

    Rosatom will act on behalf of the Russian Federation as concedent in relation to objects of concession agreement located along the Northern Sea Route.

    It will approve certain suggestions concerning the development and functioning of sea port infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route, including new port projects.

    Approving navigation regulations for the Northern Sea Route and Northern Sea Route infrastructure development master plan development procedures will be the responsibility of the RF Government.


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